2019 Speakers



Teresa believes that living a PASSIONATE and POSITIVE life is what propels each of us to THRIVE . Originally from Hickory, NC she is a southern girl who knew she was never wanted. So she decided to love herself at an early age. She shares deeply her experiences that have made her a STRONG WOMAN. She believes that OUR STORY IS OUR STRENGTH.

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Tiffany Roe is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, psychology teacher, speaker, podcast host, & the owner of Mindful Counseling in Orem, Utah. She passionately helps her clients remember they are enough. Tiffany has focused her career on treatment for women navigating disordered eating, poor body image, poor relationships with themselves and food, anxiety, life transitions, and low self-worth. Tiffany personally survived an eating disorder and has been fully recovered for over 12 years. She passionately works to dismantle diet culture and feels called to work with women and to help them find their true purpose and self-worth. Tiffany believes you can love yourself, your mind, your body, and your relationship with food.

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Featured on Entreprenuer.com and the TODAY show, Courtney Brown is the CEO and Founder of Cents of Style, a multi-million dollar fashion brand based in Bluffdale, UT. Cents of Style was named the 18th fastest growing company in the state of Utah by Mountain West Capital in 2017 and again named to the top 100 list in 2018. With a vision of empowering women to lead bold and full lives, Courtney believes in her company's mission to teach millions of women that when they look good, they feel good and then they have the power to do good. As a mother, wife, and CEO, Courtney is living proof that women can reject the idea that they have to choose between any of those titles to lead an empowered and full life.


Lindsay Teague Moreno

Lindsay Teague Moreno knows the hardcore mom life. In between wash cycles, packing lunches, and balancing a to-do list that would make Santa jealous, she grew a business from nothing into a team of 300,000 people producing over $15,000,000 each month in just three years. Lindsay has written Getting Noticed which provides the first step to entrepreneurial success in our fast-paced, online world.



Justin Prince is a family man, entrepreneur, author, and leadership mentor. His passion is influencing, inspiring and impacting people with his story of overcoming obstacles to build an extraordinary life. He has built 4 different multi-million dollar sales and marketing organizations. He helped transform a company that had experienced 8 years of declining revenue and has built an organization of over 200,000 people that generates well over a hundred million a year in revenue.



Shari Moore is a Registered Clinical Psychologist from AB Canada and has spent the last twenty years sharing her passion about personal value and self respect to thousands of teens and adults. Shari strongly believes that boundaries are an essential part of treasuring yourself and is an important aspect of self care. Boundaries make for better and healthier relationships and that is why Shari has spent time developing a successful boundaries program to help people gain insight into the steps necessary to saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Shari has helped people learn when to say NO and when to say YES and that putting yourself first doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Shari hopes to help people understand that boundaries allow for the freedom to live the COLORFUL LIFE you were meant to live.