Teresa believes that living a PASSIONATE and POSITIVE life is what propels each of us to THRIVE . Originally from Hickory, NC she is a southern girl who knew she was never wanted. So she decided to love herself at an early age. She shares deeply her experiences that have made her a STRONG WOMAN. She believes that OUR STORY IS OUR STRENGTH.

Teresa was determined to be happy in spite of her sad childhood. She endured ongoing childhood abuse. She developed SELF LOVE in order to survive. She was born with her feisty determination to NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. She chooses to look for the blessing in the lessons. After her difficult childhood she experienced the pain from divorce, and suffered a stroke during her last pregnancy that has left with permanent partial vision loss and numbness. Teresa became a widow four years ago, after the loss of her husband of 19 years from aggressive terminal cancer. She knows what is feels like to want to give up and YET to find the strength to go on.

Her journey and life experiences through many challenges and loss have lead her to be a highly sought after motivational speaker. Her sincere, down to earth, friendly personality instantly connects her to those she meets. She is living herTRUTHand helps inspire others to love themselves fiercely, to become better not bitter during the hardest of time and ENDURE it well. She shares the necessity of FORGIVENESS and ACCEPTANCE when faced with some of the HARDEST life experiences.

As the owner and designer of a successful worldwide company, Teresa Collins Studio, she is passionately designing beautiful lifestyle products, writing books, and traveling the world to share her story. She has authored numerous craft & lifestyle inspirational books as well as published her own life and business story in The Teresa Collins Story; LIVE LIFE IN ALL CAPS.

Teresa shares her story of her becoming a successful woman entrepreneur despite her setbacks along the way. She believes FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. She SPARKS optimism to encourage and propel women to use their innate power to find WHO and WHAT makes them happy. She encourages the importance to be powerful, happy and thrive daily.